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1. What kind of properties do you accept for mortgage application?

We accept properties of all kinds, including residential, industrial and commercial units, retail shops, car parks, village houses, indigenous resident housing and properties under the Home Ownership Scheme with paid land premium.

2. Can I apply for mortgage if I do not have a Hong Kong Identity Card?

Yes, individuals of any nationalities can apply for our mortgage services as long as you are a property owner in Hong Kong.

3. Can I apply for mortgage if I own a property by Deed of Gift?

Under normal circumstances, we accept mortgage applications after five years from the transfer of ownership by Deed of Gift.

4.How many types of joint ownership of property are there?

There are two types of joint ownership, ”Joint Tenancy” and “Tenancy in Common”.

For “Joint Tenancy”, if one of the owners deceased, his/her ownership of the property will be passed on to the other surviving joint owner(s).

For “Tenancy in Common” (also known as “50-50”), the ownership of the property is divided into an agreed shares among all owners. If one of the owners deceased, his/her share(s) of the property will become part of the deceased owner's estate.

5.In case of the above situation, can one of the property owners apply for mortgage alone?

No, if the property is owned by two or more people, it is necessary for all owners to give their signature consent for making mortgage application.

6. If I have already taken a first mortgage loan in a bank or financial institution, will Preamble accept my application for a second mortgage loan?

Yes, we welcome applications for second mortgage loan.

7. Where can I get property valuation for reference?

Preamble provides free property valuation service. Please contact us at 2784 6262.

8.What is the requirement of applying for mortgage loan?

The applicant must be a property owner aged 18 or above.

9.What documents are required for mortgage application?

- Identity proof

- The latest rates, management bill and/or government rent demand note

- Provisional agreement for sales and purchase (if applicable)

- The latest mortgage repayment schedule (if applicable)

10.Will there be any handling fee or penalty if an early settlement is made?

There will be no handling fee or penalty for early settlement.

11.Can I make early partial repayment?

Yes, there will be no handling fee or penalty.

12.Is the mortgage lending handled by a lawyer?

Yes, to ensure high quality and reliable mortgage services, we will entrust sizable law firms to handle the mortgage lending procedures.

13.Can I discharge the record from the Land Registry after I settled the mortgage loan?

Yes, after full settlement, we will inform you of the arrangement of the discharge of mortgage as soon as applicable.